Friday, 4 August 2017

AD8307 Output vrs Sin, Square, and Noise Waveform Input

I got a little curious as to how the AD8307 chip would respond to various waveform types. So I compared a sin wave with a square wave and a noise waveform.

Since the slope of the 8307 in this configuration is 25mv per 1dBm change, understanding how the type of signal presented to the 8307 may be important. Good thing I checked. The data shows a little over 2dBm difference can be realized between a sin wave and square wave.  Numbers below shows up to 117mv difference which in this case is closer to 5dBm.


This pretty much ends the testing of the AD8307 chip in this configuration. Next up will be a board that will have some additional components added in. The input will have the inductor, cap, and resistor added in and a lpf will be installed on the output of the 8307 as well.

73, Peter

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