Monday, 2 October 2017

A New Toy

I was able to obtain some great additions for the shack over the weekend. Helping someone clean up their spaces of no longer used equipment and find new homes for it was time well spent.

I was able to obtain a HP 3595B Spectrum Analyzer.  Great addition to the shack but unfortunately it will only go up to 40MHz.  However it will still be a useful piece of test equipment and fills a hole in that aspect that I didn't previously have.  I can at least see the 1st harmonic for most of the hf band and more than that for the lower frequencies. 

I still have plans to build a spectrum analyzer so it will be interesting to see some comparisons to the big expensive unit.

As well I picked up a bench meter, cable organizers, hand tools, and a resistor capacitor substitution box. I sure could have used that last week when doing my impedance characterization tests.

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