Saturday, 2 December 2017

Alpha Build PARC SNA Update 3

Got a lot accomplished over the last few days on the SNA project.  All the parts are now installed including the LCD screen. In order to expedite the build I went on a “field trip” to Ottawa to pick up extenders for the LCD.   And then off to Toronto to pick up the LCD… Ok I did pick up the xyl at the airport so it was a multi-purpose trip.

The shield for the AD8307 circuit I managed to get done without any real fuss. I thought for sure it would be a little problematic to do, but in the end it went ok.  Sure it’s a little ugly and not as good as I would have liked, but it will do. 

The final smoke test was completed and software routines for testing the individual circuits were completed. Dave VE3OOI, had written routines to test the functionality of the 8307, 9850, encoder and buttons, memory chip, as well as the LCD.  What a terrific idea that was. Well done Dave.

The main SNA program was loaded and went smoothly.  I am having a problem with the calibration routine, but I’m sure Dave will set me straight before too long.  The only other issue at the moment is the display is not oriented correctly with the controls. I’ll have to lean on my hardware department to be on the same page as the software department. Can’t be making mistakes like this again. Not sure yet how I’m going to remount the controls, but I don’t think it’s going to be as clean as it is now.  Well, that’s what Alpha builds are for, work out the details.

Up next is putting the SNA through its paces. I need to think up some protocols that will include not only the real world and most likely scenarios, but some with extreme specifications as well so I can see how the SNA behaves.  You never know.  

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